Online Free Course in Building Electronic Communities and Networks

This online free course covers the approaches, methods, and tools used to build electronic communities, and covers the various steps and procedures for developing and facilitating electronic communities. The total curriculum consists of 29 lessons, ranging from approximately 15 to 90 minutes duration, grouped into five units, for a total of about 16 to 22 hours of self-paced instruction.
Training Type: Self-Paced
Target Audience: It is targeted at coordinators and facilitators of established or incipient communities, as well as groups of individuals with shared interests in agricultural and rural development. A wide range of potential beneficiaries in both existing communities and potential new communities include: network and community users; moderators of groups and communities; managers, policy makers and decision makers; academic, educational and training centres; and public and private sector agricultural extensionists and rural development facilitators.
How to apply: Register at IMARK here to start learning online.
Deadline: Open
Languages: English, French, and Spanish. Currently being translated into Arabic,
Publisher: IMARK
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Image CC0-licensed by Pixabay via Blickpixel

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