Women, Peace and Security: Online Free Course

This free online course is a new module part of the "I Know Gender" online course. This module addresses the importance of promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women during conflict, peace operations and negotiations. After completing the module Women, Peace and Security, learners will be able to: 1) Recognize gender, peace and security issues and women's rights in armed conflict and humanitarian settings; 2) Identify the relevant Women, Peace and Security global policies and legal documents; 3) Identify suitable implementation mechanisms at the global, regional and national levels; 4) Recognize the roles and mandates of different UN entities and other actors in relation to the Women, Peace and Security Agenda
Training Type: Self-Paced
Target Audience: Open to all interested specifically United Nations System, Peace and Security personnel, Humanitarian Staff

Online Free Course for Verification of Digital Content to Combat Rumors on the Internet

This free online course gives participants the basic professional techniques that help them to confirm the news and to be able to play the role of reliable sources in their communities. By the end of this course, participants will be able to: recognize the date of verification of news and research methods for digital content; learn how to check the photos and videos; validate geographic locations; work to validate a number of news reports. Prizes will be awarded for the best reports
Training Type: Instructor-Led Online
Target Audience: Citizen journalists, professional journalists, media students and users of checkdesk.org

Online Free Course in Web 2.0 and Social Media for Development

This course describes a wide range of social media tools that enhance the ways in which information is created and published, and which provide the means to collaborate and share resources online. It also describes how to take advantage of those tools for more effective networking, collaboration and exchange of knowledge.
Training Type: Self-Paced
Target Audience: It is targeted at Individuals and institutions working for sustainable development looking to social media in the development context as a means to connect geographically dispersed work teams, to strengthen coordination and knowledge sharing, and for creating opportunities for engagement, participation and skills sharing.

Online Free Course for Arab Digital Journalists

UNESCO and SMEX are developing an Arabic-language online course and open curriculum for independent media. The eight-week course will cover a range of topics, including a review of some basics with a digital spin, and new paths in journalism, such as data visualization and mobile reporting. Course content will draw from existing resources, reports, and guides; and will encourage learners to experiment with novel modes of journalism while developing a new portfolio of work

Participants will also engage with each other through discussion forums and “editorial meetings,” where they can exchange on issues related to ethics and media law, for example, as well as seek guidance during the course. Pop-up hangouts will feature guest speakers, allowing learners to talk to practitioners about the opportunities and challenges they face in the field. In addition, participants will complete a companion course in digital security for digital journalists, which will focus on their safety and the safety of their sources, and will be administered in parallel to the thematic module delivered every week. Participants who successfully complete the course will qualify for coaching as they pursue a capstone project. Exceptional participation and production during the course will be rewarded with an invitation to an on-site workshop with top-level digital journalists in Beirut 

Online Free Course on Savvy Strategist

This free online course about Savvy Strategist will teach you how to develop a savvy social media advocacy strategy that will help your team achieve its campaign goals. By the end of this skill set you will be able to develop a measurable digital strategy that supports advocacy efforts for a cause, organization, or campaign in your community

By the end of this training you will Earn the Savvy Strategist Badge after Master the Following Skills to 1) Defining Digital Advocacy; 2) Writing SMART Digital Goals; 3) Identifying Stakeholders & Creating Audience Profiles; 4) Messaging Strategy: Developing Messages; 5) Messaging Strategy: Delivering Messages; 6) Choosing & Implementing Tactics; 7) Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Training Type: Instructor-Led Online
Target Audience: Open to all

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