Online Free Course for Arab Digital Journalists

UNESCO and SMEX are developing an Arabic-language online course and open curriculum for independent media. The eight-week course will cover a range of topics, including a review of some basics with a digital spin, and new paths in journalism, such as data visualization and mobile reporting. Course content will draw from existing resources, reports, and guides; and will encourage learners to experiment with novel modes of journalism while developing a new portfolio of work

Participants will also engage with each other through discussion forums and “editorial meetings,” where they can exchange on issues related to ethics and media law, for example, as well as seek guidance during the course. Pop-up hangouts will feature guest speakers, allowing learners to talk to practitioners about the opportunities and challenges they face in the field. In addition, participants will complete a companion course in digital security for digital journalists, which will focus on their safety and the safety of their sources, and will be administered in parallel to the thematic module delivered every week. Participants who successfully complete the course will qualify for coaching as they pursue a capstone project. Exceptional participation and production during the course will be rewarded with an invitation to an on-site workshop with top-level digital journalists in Beirut 

Training Type: Instructor-Led Online
Target Audience: Applications are invited from any of the following countries: Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria (including displaced Syrians), Tunisia, and Yemen. While applicants don’t have to be professional journalists, participants will be selected to some degree on the basis of journalistic work they have already produced. Likely candidates will have a desire to develop mastery of a specific medium and type of journalism. They might also want to complete for assignments on an international level, develop a journalism enterprise, and/or experiment with new forms of journalism. Most important, they will embody the journalistic aspirations of being fair and accurate, while amplifying the voices of those who have been marginalized by their societies’ shortcomings. Balance in terms of gender and geographic distribution across target countries will also be ensured among selected participants.
How to apply: Go to this link
Deadline: July 31, 2015
Languages: Arabic
Fees: Free Training Course
Publisher: SMEX via Nethawwal
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 Image CC-licensed on Wikimedia Commons via Martin Stollenwerk

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