Course in Negotiation and Conflict Management

This online free course provides a thorough conceptual framework to help practitioners structure their efforts in negotiation, with theoretical and practical investigations of hard-bargaining vs. problem-solving approaches, interests vs. positions, value distribution vs. value creation, coercive leverage vs. normative leverage, short-term agreements vs. long-term relationships, and other considerations necessary to the development of effective overall negotiating strategies. These principles are illustrated in two extended case studies: the negotiation to bring a peaceful end to apartheid in South Africa, and the U.S., Soviet, and worldwide bargaining process that led to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The course then concludes by focusing on keys to successful negotiation, and practical steps to help you negotiate more effectively in real-world situations.
Training Type: Self-Paced
Target Audience: Open to all interested
How to apply: Go to this link 
Deadline: Open
Languages: English
Publisher: USIP
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