Online Free Course in Project Management

This online free on Project Management Course provides young people with both the skills and resources needed to effectively plan, monitor, evaluate and manage local projects. Participants learn how to conduct a needs assessment, create a baseline, manage resources and identify long-term desired outcomes.
Training Type: Instructor-Led Online
Target Audience: Open to all interested
How to apply: To apply for an e-course, you MUST be a GYCA member. If you wish to join GYCA, please go to here. After you join, or for those who are already members, simply fill out the application form available for download on the website, and submit by the necessary deadline. Please follow all application instructions carefully. Once you have completed your application, send it as an attachment to the corresponding e-mail address:
Deadline: Due to the high number of e-course applications GYCA receives, GYCA only accept applications during the designated "application week," which announced on the website. Please see the e-course schedule for relevant deadlines. You can apply as soon as the application week begins.
Languages: English, French and Spanish
Publisher: GYCA
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Image CC-licensed on Flickr via USACE NY

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