Online Free Fundamentals of Project Management

After completing this online free course you will understand the history of project management and learn from examples of interviews with project managers. This course will teach you the process of the systems development life cycle to help identify problems and create solutions in each stage of the projects life including planning, analysis, design, implementation and evaluation. You will gain a good knowledge of project management methodology. You will be able to identify and understand the most important tools used by a project manager including GANTT charts, PERT Diagrams, estimating activity time, scheduling, expediting and Critical Path Method. You will gain a good knowledge of program, system, technical, user, paper-based, electronic and media project management documentation. You will learn about different issues that can occur when an information system is changed or a new sytem is introduced.
Training Type: Self-Paced
Target Audience: Open to all interested in project management.
How to apply: First sign up on this link here. Then go to the course page English or Arabic
Deadline: Open
Languages: English, Arabic. Electronic translation is available
Publisher: XSIQ via Alison
Related links: English or Arabic

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  1. Experts suggest that the best method to run and manage multiple projects within an organisation is to deploy a solution that features estimation and planning capabilities, ability to track and manage budgets and costs of projects, functionality to allocate resources in a fast-paced environment as well as extended collaboration and communication abilities.


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